Universal Flow

Rates and Scheduling

All series of colonics are paid in advance and are valid for one year from the date of purchase. To avoid being charged for any cancelled sessions, a 24hr notice of cancellation is required on all services and appointments. additives may be pre-paid with any series for an additional discount.


Individual Sessions are 45mins                                                             $95.00

Individual Sessions are 60mins       $110.00

Individual Sessions are 90mins                                                             $125.00

3 Colonics (save $10)                                                                              $275.00

6 Colonics (save $25)                                                                              $545.00

12 Colonics (save $65)                                                                            $1,075.00

15 Colonics (save $95)                                                                            $1,330.00

Senior Discount available upon request (65+) :                               $85.00

Other Options

Coffee - Detoxifies the liver and the gall bladder and acts as a stimulator.
Acidolphilus - Replenishes the good flora back into the body.
Wheatgrass - Wheatgrass is oxygen! This helps to moves mucus out of the body and helps strengthen the bones.                    
After you finished with the colonic session, implants are good for replenishing minerals and probiotics directly into the colon and is left inside to absorb. (Acidophilus, Aloe Vera, Fulvic acid Mineral)               $25.00

 Super Colonic: (Coffee and Additives, call for details)                    $165.00

Please notify when making your appointment if want any additives or implants.


(Available Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday in Office)

One session (45 min.):                                                                              $50.00

(Available Monday, Wednesday & Friday on location)

One session (45 min.):                                                                              $65.00

These prices are accurate as of December 22, 2015