Universal Flow


Benefits of cleaning out the intestines:

* Helps with bloating
* Constipation
* Detox
* Parasites
* Skin
* Well-being
* Rejuvenation
* Weight Management

We assist you in cleansing out the large intestine from accumulation and years of build-up. I work with a unit that is known as the "Closed System" that has all disposable attachments. Filtered water passes through an ultra-violet light which sterilizes the water. There are two tubes connected to that, one is for filtered water to go inside, the other tube is where you evacuate through.

Except for the brief insertion of the speculum you are completely covered during the entire colonic. A typical session usually lasts about 45 minutes.

I will be with you the full time assisting you with abdominal massage and using pressure points on your back, shoulders, legs and feet.  The massage and breathing helps you relax and eliminate.


With the right preparation the colonic can be a very smooth and comfortable experience.


Make sure to drink plenty of water during the day (at least 6-8 glasses).
Eat light - nothing heavy, spicy or gas producing

Avoid meat, poultry, fish; dairy and caffeinated drinks too!

vegetable soups, vegetable juices, puree,
smoothies,fruits and fresh vegetables etc.

It is recommended NOT to eat or drink
2 hours prior to the appointment

There are many wonderful colon cleansing programs out there. With any type of cleanse or detox, it is extremely important to go to the bathroom daily so the body can get rid of the waste, otherwise it can get reabsorbed into the system. Giving yourself an enema is recommended on most programs. Even better, get a colonic which is also know as a "deep enema", because you can get so much more out.
Universal Flow can also assist you with parasite cleanses, liver gallbladder flushes, kidney cleanses and so much more.
A healthy you starts from within!!!


"I want to thank you so much for having the business that you do.  Thanks to your services I have been able to supplement my personal health program and thrive. I seriously credit your work for helping me in my overall goal of having a family.  I had fertility problems but with a corrected diet, exercise plan, visits to my acupuncturist and you, I now have two beautiful children.  In other words it was part of my lifestyle package that I created for  myself in order to reach my goal.  I NEVER took fertility drugs and in spite of a diagnosis from a well known endocrinologist in Newport Beach in which I was told I could never have children without fertility help (drugs),  I did it the NATURAL way.  I thank you and my family thanks you.  Keep doing what you do!! 

 - Cecelia Dominguez 

"Getting a colonic was something I was 100% sure I would never do. And I mean NEVER.  Psychologically I just couldn't embrace the concept.  But when I began doing some intestinal cleanses I read about the benefits of colonics.  I wanted to try it but still the fear held me back.  I  heard about Ladonna from a friend and went to see her.  I explained how deeply afraid and uncomfortable I was and immediately she put me at ease. My first colonic was so amazing and so comfortable....it was fantastic.  I came out of the session feeling so clear, so light and just glowing, smiling ear to ear.  I've been going to LaDonna for several years, and I recommend her to all I know.  Especially if you think this is something you could never do.  LaDonna is loving, caring, extremely skilled and very professional.  Colonics are now part of my seasonal cleansing programs and have also been the only relief I have found for headaches and discomfort associated with my period. She is absolutely the BEST!"

 - Sarah Mandell     

"I could go on forever about how much Universal Flow and all of the services they offer are so very essential to my well being. I believe that LaDonna and Henrik are gifted healers.  I am so grateful that I found them and that I know them.  Every time I walk in the door I feel a sense of peace and serenity and when I leave that feeling is even stronger. LaDonna radiates such beautiful and sincere healing energy and Henrik's peaceful and loving energy is contagious! What a gift you two are blessed with and I am blessed to be in your presence! I love you both and thank you."

 - Truly Rain


"I always feel blessed to be in La Donna's presence. I book several sessions with her every time I do a cleanse or fast.  It makes such a difference in the benefits I get from my cleansing.  I wouldn't do a cleanse without La Donna! Ear coning is an important part of my total well being care."

Jennifer Hadley


"Many people have different opinions about colonics...but, here is my opinion and personal testimony. I was extremely sick, doctor didn't know what was wrong with me. I knew if I got a colonic, it would release a lot of toxins and most of my problems would solve. Colonics to me      is spiritual and a healing practice, not just cleaning. I lost 115 pounds at one time during a period of colonics over a three month span".

 - Tina Sanders 

If not for this healer, I would not be here to tell the story. I suffered from Eosinophilic Myalgia Syndrome, brought on by contaminated tryptophane manufactured in Japan. The bio-chemically engineered bacteria (Peak-E) had infiltrated my body, making it impossible to keep food in my system long enough to digest it. My intestines were full of chemicals and poisons and I weighed 100 pounds. After several months of severe illness, I found LaDonna.. With her patience and her treatments, I was healthy in three months. I owe the last twenty years of my life to her.

 - Linda Felman